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Our Thanks


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Leyna Nicole Zehlius

We can't thank you all enough...

I want to thank all the girls at Shiloh Vet for their support, patience and advice all throughout my pregnancy.  I know the subject was getting old. :)

Mom, thanks for helping me with her and giving me a chance to nap and shower and all the good things a new mom needs.  Without you I'd be lost and I have no clue what I would do!

Thanks for everyone who's offered to babysit.  I'm sure we'll take you all up on the offers. :)

Kelli, thanks for being there with me through this whole experience and I can't wait till you can experience it yourself! (The after birth part. :))

Stephanie, thanks for talking to me and giving me advice when I need it most.  You've been a bigger help than you realize!

Thanks for all the gifts!  I have plenty of clothes now. :)