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Guardian Angel Pet Sitting
About Guardian Angel


Information about our business, ourselves and our background.

Serena's Story

My name's Serena and I've loved animals as long as I can remember.  My goal was to become a veterinarian.  I started working at a local animal hospital 6 years ago.  After seeing what the vets go through in dealing with dying animals and having to tell the clients, I knew it wasn't for me.  I liked just being around the animals, helping them and helping their owners. 
Eventually, I realized the need owners had for their pets.  Nine out of ten owners don't like putting their dogs in a kennel.  It can be heartbreaking!  I thought it'd be fun to start a business where I could care for their animals and they would feel comfortable knowing they were in MY care.
I started this business about 2 years ago and it's continuing to grow!  I enjoy every minute of it!

Quality Service

We're dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pet(s).  You can feel comfortable knowing they're in the care of someone who loves animals and will do their best to ensure their health and safety. 

Guardian Angel Pet Sitting * 3025 Bornt Dr.* Dover * PA * 17315